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Are you afraid of your potential?

The most difficult person to lie to is ourselves…

we all know what we want, who we need to be to have it, and what we have to do to become that person...

For myself, I want to live a positive impactful life, I need to become the best version of myself to do it, and finally… I need to take control of the wheel that is steering my decisions.

Although, I’ve learned a lot on my journey there was a time where I knew all of these things but felt like it was impossible.

Time only taught me that this wasn't a choice for me to make…

Because you see, once I had a clear vision of what I wanted for my life and for the lives of the people close to me... I knew I couldn’t settle for anything less.

Then time passed and I realized how difficult the journey would be.

I began to fear the Potential I had envisioned.

“Am I thinking too big?,

is it possible?,

Can I really become that person?“