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Flagship Program

My Personal Program is GradeFit's Offering for a customized Fitness Program. We take into account your personal goals and lifestyle, then we integrate your needs into your own personally written program.



GradeFit was designed to be a premium resource for Personal Fitness.

Personal Fitness is often misunderstood. 

We want to solve that problem.

My Personal Program is our flagship fitness program.

It follows our signature “Corrective-Functional-Conditioned” outline. 

This universal design is tried and true with years of real  world experience.  

Of course a universal fitness program will not be effective for most people. You need a plan that is specific to your goals and your lifestyle. There are scientific and personal elements that need to be factored into your plan.

This is why each Program outline is accompanied with personalized hand-written instruction from your Certified Coach based on your questionnaire responses. 

This is why My Personal Program is so effective.


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