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This is the phase where all of your training has paid off. This is where your body is adept to exercise and is healthy.

The time it takes to get here will vary for each individual but can generally be achieved within 8-14 weeks. No matter how long it takes you, the result will always be worth it.

From here there are three main avenues to take to continue your journey. 

We can either maintain our body composition,

continue to specialize our body for aesthetics or performance,

Or... we can regress...

Although its fair to believe this is the end goal, here at GradeFit we really want to emphasize...This is where the individual journey begins ! 

Our bodies are simply reflections of our habits, and lifestyle.

All of the discipline and exercise led you to this point. Why stop?!

Although we may be happy with our bodies it is very important that we keep working on our minds. Remember our mind is what got us here in the first place and if we neglect our mental health our physical health will follow... This is also why we don't like to rush the process.

We encourage you to share your story to inspire others on their path. 

And the best way to do that is by staying committed to your path!

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