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Accountability Plan

Commit To a Healthier Lifestyle

Once you Join our Community our website becomes your resource for personal fitness.
This Program is intended to Provide you with all the tools necessary to keep you inspired and educated to work towards the best version of you. 
This Program is designed to be your commitment to your new lifestyle.

Accountability E-mail


Being a member of GradeFit Means you get a weekly e-mail. This e-mail is our way of checking in and keeping you accountable. Remember, at the end of the day it all comes down to you and your actions, all we can do is hold you accountable. 

Fitness Fundamentals


A fitness Course designed to give you the knowledge to exercise and plan your journey accordingly.

28 slides of  relevant information condensed onto your computer or mobile device

Membership Rewrds

grade fit sweater back.png

We appreciate all of our members! To show that appreciation we Will Reward Members based on tenure with Discounts apparel and more!

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